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Valerie D. Panda

5 % of resale royalty

Not for sale.

Ahoy you light sailors! Captain Valérie D. Panda - the terror of the seas - strikes! Famous among pirates and notorious among royals. Valérie is feared on the seas, because so far no one else could defeat her. Don't be fooled by her beauty, because this dangerous woman is not to be trifled with. She loves to roam the seas with her crew to rob and plunder the royal fleets and other pirates. In the evening she celebrates with her crew and loves to eat grilled chicken. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE 700,000,000,000 $PGIRL FOR THE CAPTURE OF THE NOTORIOUS FUGITIVE.

Season : One

Season Name : Time Travel

Era : Golden Age of Piracy

Panda Power : 250

Rarity : Epic

Minted 3 months ago
by @0xDDAD61e...FA98