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Princess Nefertari is the daughter of a powerful pharaoh. Such a beauty like her exists only every 1000 years. Her heart is full of kindness and she is loved and adored by the people of Egyptian Pandagirls. Nefertari has a magical aura, so that even wild beasts lie at her feet and turn into harmless pets. Nefertari has no interest at all in the succession to the throne, because what she loves more than anything else in the world is dancing. From her dance school came out the best dancers of Egypt and even today, in our time, Nefertari's choreography in modern dance schools are an important foundation. She nourishes herself by eating raisin cakes with date syrup.

Season : One

Season Name : Time Travel

Era : Ancient Egypt

Panda Power : 500

Rarity : Legendary

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